KHS Pro MTB rider Steven Walton racing at Mountain Creek resort in NJ.

KHS Pro MTB Podiums at Mountain Creek

The team was firing off on all cylinders for the second round of the Downhill national series hosted at Mountain Creek bike Park, in Vernon, New Jersey. The team would be arriving Wednesday to get acclimated to the East Coast conditions and get the bikes all prepped and built up from the long travels. Thursday would kick off with track walk which would consist of a very explosive track Mountain Creek has always had some of the best downhill tracks in America. With super steep conditions, lots of rocks challenging lines…

Kailey & Nik’s YouTube Channel

Check out KHS Pro MTB riders Kailey Skelton and Nik Nestoroff’s YouTube Channel! they take you on their day to day life and you get to see what two top level mountain pro riders do every day.

check them out HERE

KHS Pro MTB rider Kailey Skelton racing down the downhill track at Sea Otter.

Podiums at the 2022 Sea Otter Classic

KHS pro MTB rider Nate Kitchens first place for Jr. Dual Slalom race at Sea Otter.
KHS pro MTB rider Nate Kitchens first place for Jr. Dual Slalom race at Sea Otter.

Sea Otter Classic 2022 is back in full swing with a massive international field of racers and vendors attending! It was absolutely excellent to see everyone enjoying the festival that has been such a notable iconic event for many decades. Team KHS Pro MTB would be in full effect racing Enduro, Dual Slalom and…

KHS Pro MTB rider Steven Walton on the track at the second round of the Southridge Winter Series.

Podiums for the KHS Pro MTB at Southridge Winter Seires

Fontana, California would be hosting round two of the Southridge Winter series. Success was continued with our third race of the season. The race team would start off Saturday with three stages of Enduro which would keep all athletes on their toes. They would have to manage each race and have no mistakes to get the lowest time to win.

KHS Pro MTB riders, Nik Nestoroff and Steven Walton standing in first and second place in the Enduro event at the second...<br srcset=(more…)