Denise Mueller-Korenek Smashes World Record at 183 mph on a KHS Bicycle

Denise Mueller-Korenek has smashed the previous bicycle land speed record of 167 mph by nearly 17 mph. Reaching a maximum speed of 183.93 mph, faster than the top speed of a Lamborghini Countach LP500 S, using just pedal power.

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China | Start of the 2018-2019 CX Season

I’d prefer to open the season with a smaller local race surrounded by my local cyclocross family, get comfortable with my skills, find a grip on my nerves, and have a feel for the flow of a cross course before it becomes paramount that I’m in tune with it. There is something to be said however about diving straight in, at an upper level event, in a foreign country, with a group of riders who you mostly are unfamiliar with to shake the cobwebs out.

The trip to China is a spectacle as much as…

Colorado Classic Preview

The 2018 Colorado Classic is a four day UCI 2.HC stage race in Vail and Denver, CO.  The Colorado Classic is unique in professional cycling as it is held in conjunction with a three day celebration of cycling and music called Velorama, held in Denver, CO from August 17th-19th.

The Colorado Classic, now in its second year, follows in the footsteps of some of America’s biggest cycling events in the history of the sport. Colorado first made a splash on the professional racing calendar with the Red Zinger Bicycle Classic in…

The Flite 900

The Flite 900 road bike is the bike of choice for The Elevate KHS Pro Cycling Team. Light weight, aero, and really fast, its easy to see why they love this bike so much.

Pro GRT 4, Tamarack, Idaho

KHS Factory racing was up in Idaho racing the 4th stop of the Pro GR series at Tamarack Mountain Resort. Despite a fire close by, the race went on. Logan Binggeli had a great showing as he finished in second place, and Nik Nestoroff also came out fighting finishing in fourth place. The next stop, and last, of the GRT series will be at  Mammoth Mountain next month. Logan is second overall looking to get to the number one spot.

Elevate-KHS Announces Roster For 2018 Edition of Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team is proud to announce the roster for the 2018 edition of the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah. Fresh off of success in last year’s race, James Piccoli and Alfredo Rodriguez will anchor the strong selection for Elevate-KHS. Joining them in St. George will be Sam Bassetti, Jordan Cheyne, George Simpson, Brian McCulloch, and Eder Frayre.

Photo: Catherine Fegan-Kim

Known as the “Toughest Race in America,” due in large part to the altitude and weather riders will be up against,the…

A Different Kind of Summer | Firecracker, Tripple Bypass, & Winter Park

Recovery is one of those thing you can love to hate. I personally thrive on consistency and struggle with transition. When I’m riding a lot I want to ride more, when I’m resting, it can be challenging to regain motivation. When I’m getting a lot of work done on the computer, I struggle to get out and ride. When I start my day out riding, I have a tough time bringing focus back in to do work. But like with anything, balance is key and part of growing is adaptation, moderation keeps things fresh. Despite a well developed comprehension…