Tennessee Enduro National

“The first national of the year is already upon us with the Windock Enduro National firing off this past weekend in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It was Shane Leslie, who would be representing us in the professional men’s category for the weekend. Shane would have to face seven different stages to accumulate an overall time from…

KHS Pro MTB rider Steven Walton riding at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV

2023 KHS Pro MTB Team

KHS Pro MTB rider Kailey Skelton wins the 2022 US National Downhill Championship in Winter Park Colorado.
KHS Pro MTB rider Kailey Skelton wins the 2022 US National Downhill Championship in Winter Park Colorado.

The 2023 race season is going to be an epic and challenging year for the KHS Pro MTB team. With new races and a new team roster the KHS Pro MTB team will be one to watch and keep an eye on. With returning athletes Steven Walton, Kailey Skelton, and Nathan Kitchen….

KHS Pro MTB new team rider Westynn Iverson.

Welcome to the team Westynn Iverson

We are very excited to announce Westynn Iverson will join our roster for the 2023 season. Westynn is only 18 years old finishing up his senior year with already huge potential and great communication. KHS Bicycles and myself pride ourselves on building a program that builds some of the best world class athletes. We have showcased athletes in the beginning of their careers of the likes of Jaxson Riddle, Ethan Nell, Nik Nestoroff and Bruce Klien to name a few. We plan to continue that success and help Westynn launch himself…

Fontana Winter Series Round 3

Fontana Winter series round three kicked off this Saturday and Sunday with team members showcasing their skills against some of the best and deepest athletes on the West Coast. It would be our junior pro, Nate Kitchen, who would be holding it down and gunning for his third win in a row this season, Kailey Skelton would be debuting in her second race of…

KHS Pro MTB Key Athlete Steven Walton

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