Q: Where can I buy a KHS Bicycle?

A: You can purchase a KHS bicycle from any authorized KHS bicycle dealer. Please check the U.S. Dealers page for a dealer in your area. If you do not see a dealer listed in your area, please ask your local bicycle dealer to contact KHS.

Q: Can I buy a KHS bicycle direct from the factory?

A: No. KHS only sells bicycles through authorized KHS bicycle dealers.

Q: What is the KHS warranty policy? Are the terms limited to the USA Only?

A: The KHS does not warranty frames, forks, or parts damaged from use, misuse, crashing, racing, jumping, stunt riding, improper maintenance, neglect, etc.

Q: Can  I purchase a replacement derailleur hanger for my KHS Bicycle?

A: Yes, We sell them on-line here


Wheels Mfg. also makes hangers for the entire bicycle industry. They carry about 400 hangers for bicycles from 1998 to present.


Warranty terms are limited to the USA market.
For more information, please read KHS Warranty Policy

If you’re a consumer and have a warranty question, please take your bicycle and sales receipt to your authorized KHS bicycle dealer for evaluation.

Q: I lost my /never received an owners manual. Can I get one Online?

A: Please click this link and send your name and your mailing address. We will send you one within a few days.  We have our standard owners manual, along with the various e-Bike manuals on-line. Click here to select the owners manual you need to view.

Q: I would like to register my KHS bicycle. Can I do this Online?

A: Yes, you can open the form and fill it out here.  Complete the form and send.

Q: Where do I take my KHS bicycle for service and/or replacement parts?

A: You will need to see your local bicycle dealer for these parts, and service.

Q: Can I buy other replacement or repair parts from KHS?

A: No. KHS compatible bicycle parts are only sold through our dealers or your local shop. Please visit our website at www.khsbicycles.com for your closest dealer.

We ONLY SELL to Authorized KHS dealers. No retail prices or availability are given through KHS directly. Please visit your local KHS bike shop. They will have or be able to order, the parts to get your bicycle back on the trail.

For KHS derailleur hangers and KHS soft goods visit the KHS On-Line Store at http://store.khsbicycles.com/  If the part you need is not shown on the KHS Online Store, your Authorized KHS Dealer or local bicycle shop can order it for you.

Q: I have an older KHS bicycle and would like more information about it. Where can find archival history about my older KHS bicycle?

A: We’re glad you asked. BikePedia is a great on-line resource for information about KHS and other bicycles. BikePedia has information on KHS bicycles from 1993 to the present. Click here to enter BikePedia

Q: I want to purchase a bicycle on eBay, but I would like to know more about it. What can I do?

A: E-mail the seller. The seller, not KHS, has intimate knowledge of the bicycle he is selling. We may have made the bicycle originally, but we don’t know the size, condition, mileage, the year it was purchased. Sorry, we cannot help in this instance.

Compare the bicycle you’re looking at with a similar bicycle for comparison. One point to mention, proper fit is crucial. As with shoes–if they don’t fit–you’ll never wear them.

Q: Where are the serial numbers, and what do they mean. When was my bike made?

A: Most recent KHS bicycles have the serial numbers stamped on the underside of the bottom bracket shell. This is located on the frame near the crank area.

Bike manufacturers do not have the ability to cross-reference a serial number to a specific bike shop or consumer who purchased the bicycle. You may want to record these numbers and save them for future reference.

Q: I have a KHS e-Bike and would like to know how to get the most from my e-Bike. Do you have a guide for riding an e-Bike?

A: Yes, please click here to read a guide for riding your KHS e-Bike.

Q: How can I fold my “Folding” bicycle?

A: Folding bicycles are relatively simple to fold with complete instructions.

Click here for Mocha/Latte instructions. Click here for iPed instructions.

Q: How do I order replacement KHS decals?

A: KHS frame decals are available for sale through our On-Line Store. Click here to order.

Q: How can I maintain my “Soft Tail” shock?

A: Soft Tail rear shocks are relatively simple to maintain, Click here for more info.

Q: How do I set-up or adjust my suspension bicycle? Can I contact the shock manufacturer directly?

A: KHS recommends checking with the suspension manufacturer for the best and latest set-up and maintenance information.

For Fox Racing Shox suspension http://www.foxracingshox.com

For Manitou suspension http://www.answerproducts.com

For Rock Shox suspension http://www.sram.com

Q: How are riders selected for the KHS R.A.C.E.R. Team?

A: If you would like to be considered for selection on the KHS R.A.C.E.R. team, mail or e-mail your racing/competition resume, action photo, and a cover letter explaining why you would be a good representative for KHS.

Click here to go directly to R.A.C.E.R info

Q: I believe I have a possible KHS bicycle warranty.

A: Please click here to locate U.S. KHS Bicycle Dealer. They will evaluate your bicycle and contact KHS if they believe your bicycle is a candidate for warranty repair. If you are outside the United States, please click here for a distributor in your corner of the world.

Q: I am a KHS Parts Dealer and would like a Customer Service to contact me regarding a recent Parts order.  For a shipping or order discrepancy.



Please complete this form and a KHS Customer Service Rep will contact you shortly.