A Letter From a Happy KHS Owner!

This is my humble review of my ride on a 27.5 KHS 2500 – with SLX drivetrain including the XT shadow plus rear derailleur and 10-speed XT cogset – which makes it somewhere between the 5500 and the 6500 models?

This bike is adapted to trail and all mountain riding. Surprisingly, it feels like a road bike on paved streets – hard and unyielding as the racer bike -BUT transforms into a superb full suspension mountain bike on uneven trails. When hitting the earth and stones, the play of its parts and suspension is not only comfortable but, more than anything, gives comfort to the confidence of the rider. Do you know what I mean? Of course you do.
I plunge into trails and angles which I would have been otherwise afraid to take in another bike (bigger wheel size). The ‘tweener wheel size coupled with the performance of this low center of gravity bike makes it quick, quickly responsive, and playful inside the trails. Adding them all up equals a confident ride.
We were in the middle of the first long trail in the La Mesa Dam watershed in Quezon City, Philippines when the midmorning monsoon rain fell.  Afraid that the heavy downpour will make the terrain more dangerous than it was, I pedaled faster than my regular pace through the wet and slippery trails.  There were smooth, round stones all over but those didn’t faze me because I was confidently connected to my KHS 2500 MTB.  I rode those forest trails faster in the mud and rain than I would have done in a sunny day.
One word I can sum up my ride in this KHS full suspension bike – CONFIDENCE.

This was my email to my biker friends.  Didn’t mention the bike because they knew what bike I was riding on. It was my experience that I wrote about.  Read on:

Sa ating padyakan Ay walang iwanan.

**** roughly translated “in our pedaling, we leave no one behind”

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KHS Dominatrax Owners

Hello to any and all KHS Dominatrax owners.

We are looking for a KHS Dominatrax bike or frameset w/rear shock to place in our showroom.

If you have a Dominatrax frameset or bike, please e-mail us a photo here. We will check it out and give you a call.


KHS 1987 John Howard Triathlon Pro

Here is a recent acquisition from the internet. A KHS John Howard Signature Triathlon Pro from 1987. This was a $499 bicycle in its day. At about 23 lbs., it came with all the latest Shimano technology available. 6-Speed SIS Shimano Index Shifting, Bio-Pace chainrings and SLR Aero brake levers. The bicycle was also spec’d with an alloy quill stem and alloy pedals. Clipless pedals were just starting to take over the market but total domination from Look/Time/Mavic/Shimano was still a few years away.

KHS John Howard Triathlon Pro

Bio-Pace Chainrings were must-haves in 1987

6-speeds were standard in 1987. Now we use 9,10 and even 11!

Until a few years ago, all bikes looked like this