Pro GRT # 3 – Plattekill, NY

Photos: Mike Lord & Six3Events

KHS was an early arrival for stop # 3 of the Pro GRT  Gravity Tour in Roxbury, NY. We hit the driving range…

and played a little “ping pong”.

Our good friends Laszlo and his “crew”  (from  PLATTEKILL Bike Park), showered us with the “FINEST” treatment,  from shuttling us to feeding us…THANKS so much guys!! 

Besides having access to a Pro Bike Wash, we had full use of a local bike shop.

A special thanks goes out to Chris Nolan of Plattekill Bike Park,  for allowing us access to their bike shop … YOU GUYS ROCK!

We discussed lines one more time before qualifying, and then it was time to do the work.

I had a solid qualifier. making sure to hit all my lines clean – I ended up 19th on the seeding list.

Binggeli had a fast qualifying run holding down 6th Place.

Aiello too had a fast qualifier (even with a small mishap) and ended…

Pro GRT # 2 – Vernon, NJ

Photos: Mike Lord & six3events

Words: Quinton Spaulding


KHS was in Vernon, NJ this past weekend for round number two on the Pro GRT Tour.


KHS Factory Racing videographer Travis Fant joined us for another first class race edit – STAY TUNED!


Making it happen on the road ain’t easy… if you witnessed Travis AKA “Fant Films” at work he may make you think otherwise.


Here is a view of Vernon from the chairlift at Mountain Creek Bike Park – AWESOME!


Aiello on track and looking sharp during the first training session.


And enough STYLE for all of NJ!


Binggeli got up to speed real quick with his Nations flag on his sleeve… USA USA USA!!!


Custom cutting our KENDA TIRES for the rough terrain on the East Cost is a must.


Shade and hydration are so commonly overlooked when racing, so we are pretty regimental about staying on top of it!


I certainly had a BLAST training and racing on the new track.


It was a little more “wide open” than usual, this made it fun to attack!


I had a…

Sea Otter Classic 2012 – The Festival of Cycling!

Words: Quinton Spaulding

Photos: Monique Spaulding & Six3Events

Thanks to our 2012 SPONSORS!

KHS Bicycles was setup early for the Sea Otter Classic.

Factory pits!

Sydne Spauldimg,… the “OFFICIAL” Assistant Team manager!

Early morning ESPRESSO is a must at the Sea Otter Classic.

Good Times!!

Our affiliate “Italo Vaccari” from KHS Peru.

 Aiello gets some slalom!

Binggeli pushes the KHS 650B through the berms.

Little unfortunate to flat on the 650B.

Binggeli carries his country on his arm in the DH.

Bryson Martin JR in action!

Spaulding working the berms!

KHS V.P. Wayne D Gray came by with much encouragement!

Our Juniors are making huge gains in 2012.

The “CREW”!!

Race Day conditions!


2012 Fontana National Race Report From DH Winner Kevin Aiello

20120327-fontana city national.jpg

This past weekend myself and the KHS Factory Race Team headed back to Fontana, CA to race the 2012 Fontana City National. I met up with the team Saturday morning to find a packed Southridge Park full of eager cross country racers and groms galore, ready to put their new race bikes in the dirt and get a feel for what this season’s gonna be like. I was soon hiking up the track to see if Donny had built another crowd pleaser like he usually does for the national. Sure enough they put together an awesome track that allowed you to cary speed all the way down the mountain while still having some super rough sections and the notorios “waterfall” section for the crowds enjoyment. The track was a typical dry dusty blown up Fontucky track until Sunday when the skies opened up and soaked us and the track right before the races started. Hero dirt for all, and we were off to a bad ass race with near perfect traction all the way down the track. My run started off slow and steady until the track started steepening up and I got into the flow of things. Near the bottom of the track I carried good speed onto the road and had some good, LOUD people in my ear giving me motivation to hammer down to the finish line. I crossed the line with a 2:00 time and went into the hot seat. My time ended up holding off the rest of the pro field by two seconds giving me the win for the weekend. After a long Fontana Winter Series with so many close 2nds, and so many…