Brian Davis Races

YouTube creator Brain Davis, is on a mission, as he says, ” We’re on a mission to bring down the learning curve for racing and riding bikes. The MAIN thing is you’re having fun, thinking about competing (with yourself) and looking for positive race vibes.” We agree with him, so we here at KHS want to help Brian on his mission. Check out his latest video below, also go visit his YouTube channel HERE

KHS Factory Racing off to Good Start

The 2019 race has just started, and KHS Factory Racing wasted no time getting to the top step.  Nik Nestoroff came out on top taking the win at the first round of the DVO Winter Cup at Bootleg Canyon, with new teammate Steven Walton, fresh off his win at the first round of the Southridge race series in Fontana CA, taking 2nd. Rounding out the top 3 was teammate Logan Binggeli.

After the race, we asked Logan about his weekend of racing, here is what he had to say, “What an awesome three-day weekend the first race of the season was firing off in Boulder city Nevada… For myself this Race is very nerve-racking with all the time off in the off-season. Also after winning this race three times in a row the pressure was on! Couldn’t be more happy for KHS factory racing to sweep the entire podium and myself coming in third huge congratulations to Nik and Steven for crushing it!!! ”

“Recently coming aboard the program, this was my first event with the guys together as a team.” Steven Walton said, “I was nothing short of impressed by the professionalism and structure of the team, pit, and support. Day one consisted of pit area set up, the usual bike prep, and a few practice laps to get a feel for what my DH 650 Team rig is truly capable of.”

Steven continues, “Day two consisted of more practice laps, which meant more time for myself to get comfortable and set up on the new bike. The third and final day, race day, would…

The Euro Experience | 2018-2019 CX #9

Best view in the house at Diegem

The US can claim ownership over a lot of things but cyclocross is not one of them.  Over the course of the past twenty odd years I’ve narrowed my interest in racing bicycles down to this one aspect and turned a lot of my time and energy towards becoming stronger and more proficient. I’ve had mixed results, some years are better than others but I continue to learn a lot and most of all enjoy the pursuit.  The bike has taken me to a lot of places, but many of those are easy to get to and low threat in regards to being self sufficient.  I’ve watched a few of my peers travel abroad to foreign start lines with a degree of envy, not just at the next level of the competition they are engaging but also at possessing a degree of proficiency required to solve the mystery of managing so much equipment, specific needs, and maneuverability in area unfamiliar in the most basic degree. 

Climbing the mounds at Bredene

The idea to travel was impulsive by my standards; shortly into the season I realized that we were only going to get four months of racing in the US now that nationals was moved back to December.  Being that I, as much of the community, spends the other eight months of the year getting hyped up for cyclocross season, loosing an entire month was a bit of a letdown.  The thought began to materialize that there was indeed another option, that I could lengthen my season by seeking out racing elsewhere.  

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