Roberge, Young, and Castillo Bolster Squad in 2019

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Tustin, CA, December 28th-

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team completes it’s 2019 roster with the signings of four new riders. Americans Eric Young and Kyle Swanson, Canadian Adam Roberge, and Ulises Castillo from Mexico join the team.

Photo Credit: Rally Cycling

Two-time US PRO Criterium Champion Eric Young joins the team in 2019 coming from the Rally Cycling Team. Eric has proven himself to be one of the fastest sprinters in the US, winning stages at the Tour of Korea, GP Cycliste de Saguenay, Vuelta Mexico, Tour of Utah, and the Starsko Proljeće in Croatia. “Eric brings a high level of leadership and hunger to our program. He is really fired up to prove he is still the fastest sprinter in America, and his commitment on and off the bike is unparalleled. We could not have picked a better leader for our younger riders to emulate,” says Heath Blackgrove, Team Director.

“I am super excited for the opportunity to race with Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling team in 2019. It’s a group of young, humble, and hungry bike racers that have proven to have the most committed lead out train in the US. I’m hoping to add my strengths to the team, share what I’ve learned with the guys, and make a bunch of new memories by winning some big races. The collaboration between the USA National Team and the Elevate-KHS will allow me to maximize my opportunities to earn a spot on the Olympic team for 2020.”

Photo Credit: Rally Cycling

“We are already starting to gear up and support our athletes who are focusing on the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, Japan. Our program has developed a solid relationship with…

Checking In with Sam Bassetti

Photo Credit: Ethan Glading Photography

You had an incredible 2018 season! At the beginning of the year, did you think it was possible to be so successful?

I always believed that I was ultimately capable of better results than what I had achieved in the past. But this year I would say that I surpassed my own expectations.

At the close of the season, you were ranked the number two rider in America. At any point in the season did you start looking at the ranking points?

I was really just focused on doing my best at each individual race. I was pleasantly surprised to end up so high in the PRT.

Photo Credit: Danny Munson Photography

You have been on Professional Teams before and went back down to the amateur level prior to joining Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling this season. What was the reason that you stuck it out and continue along this path?

I knew that I had not reached my ultimate potential. One of my main drivers to continue in this sport is that I have a deep desire to know how good I can really be. Despite continual setbacks over the years, I could still see progression and knew that I could be better. I was still in a place in my life that allowed me to continue riding, and I knew I would always regret it if I stopped early.  

This has been a challenging off-season for many professional cyclists has with teams folding and fewer opportunities. What advice would you give riders who find themselves without a “Pro” contract or team?

You can’t look down on any opportunities in front of you, and you have to put in everything you have no matter how big or small the…

Bassetti, Piccoli & Rodriguez Return for 2019

Photo Credit: Danny Munson Photo

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team is excited to announce the re-signing of three integral members of the team. Canadian James Piccoli, Mexican Alfredo Rodriguez, and Sam Bassetti from the United States have each committed to returning to the squad for the 2019 season.

With 53 wins in 2018, the team is looking to move up a spot to be the best team in America in 2019. “Last year the team finished 2nd in both the team and individual classifications in USA Cycling’s Pro Road Tour. This year we are looking to move up a step in both categories,” states team General Manager Paul Abrahams. “Re-signing of these three amazing leaders will allow the Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team to be in the fight for victory in every event we line up for in 2019.”

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Alfredo Rodriguez will begin his 3rd season with the squad in January. Alfredo had a fantastic start of the year in 2018, winning Tulsa Tough overall and also landing the team’s first UCI victory at the Joe Martin Stage Race. Rodriguez is looking to continue to be dominant in the sprint finishes and to replicate his podium performances of 2017 at the Tour of Utah and Colorado Classic. “I am looking to redeem myself in 2019 after a difficult end to the season this past year,” says Rodriguez. “I am working harder than ever to reach the top step of the podium in the bigger UCI races like Utah, Colorado, and Taiwan.”

Photo Credit: Brian Hodes

Piccoli, hailing from Quebec, Canada, is fresh off of two stage wins at the Tour of Southland in New Zealand. The highlight of his 2018 season…

Two weekends in Mass | 2018-2019 CX #5

I race a lot and I know that to race stronger it would be good to pick and choose and not just jump on the bandwagon in the fall and stay on until there is no more bandwagon. I’ve pretty much always raced in this manner mainly because it makes me happy; earlier in my days I would race whatever event I could find as long as it more or less involved bikes of some type.
Throughout the years I have learned which aspects of the sport I truly love and recognized that when I’m having the most fun I can push myself that much harder consequently whittling my focus down to cyclocross.

There is more to pursue in my travels than just the obvious outreach, experience, and results: I savor the excuse to travel to the various locations with the knowledge that I will always get to see my tribe of people. Because I only visit these places once each year, each location holds something special that draws me back, be it my host family, the area riding, the community, or the race itself.

Few things compare to showing up to a new location and finding the holy grail of cyclocross: motivated riding buddies, endless trails, beautiful roads, and a super fun venue complete with dumping rain.

Really Rad was a new to me venue and a first time UCI race. I guessed the terrain would be flat being that we were in such close proximity to the beach but it was satisfyingly rolling. After a perfect training week of plentiful sunshine and warmth the rain clouds once again regrouped for the weekends festivities and despite the rapidly draining soil, mud emerged to take over the course and large sloppy…

East to DC and on to NJ | 2018-2019 CX #4

It was finally that time to simplify, load up the van, say goodbye to the cat, shun email and text responsibilities for a few days, dial in NPR and make my way east. I opted for a little over 6 hours a day driving, targeted a ride for the middle of each drive, and spent my nights in rest stops along the impressive expanse of I-70 that took me clear from Colorado to Pennsylvania. It’s nothing short of a joy to watch the scenery change as the miles pass by and minus my near constant need for a shower there’s few places I’d rather be.

I regrouped with friends in Ohio and caravanned the rest of the route to the nation’s capital alongside of them, ironically the directions each of us were following sent us in opposite ways before crossing paths again a few hours later. We made our way east in that fashion and arrived in time to stretch our legs out on the bike course.

Rain that night made what has for the past few years been a super dusty venue a little sloppy for the early races but in mint condition when our start time arrived. Held on the Armed Forces Retirement Center grounds, the D.C. event features much twisting and turning and even more roots. I love this course for the solid mix of conditions and needed technical skill as well as the “oasis” feel of being in a fenced in open green space within the confines of a run down, partially dilapidated, urban setting.

The normally dusty DC venue often takes riding to a new level. The topsoil is sandy and comes off in chunks as the racers track through it. It grips and then it gives,…