50 Wins: Best Season Ever

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team has had a stellar season, wrapping up 2018 with 50 race victories and 84 podium appearances. With the support of valuable partners, the team has been able to compete on various stages throughout the season, winning on the road, track and gravel. Thank you to each of the team’s partners for the 2018 season, without their belief and support the season would not have been nearly as successful. 

Elevate KHS Team Win Sam Bassetti
Sam Bassetti winning the Redlands Bicycle Classic Criterium. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

In his first year with the team, Sam Bassetti delivered race winning sprints all season long. His stand out performances for the year include a win at the San Dimas Criterium; winning the Green Sprint Jersey at the UCI Joe Martin Stage Race; winning the Redlands Classic Criterium which he followed up with a 3rd place finish the next day on the Sunset Loop. As the race calendar progressed to the second half of the season, his success continued with a commanding with at Winston Salem, the hardest one-day event in the US. From there, Sam won the Blue Dome Criterium at Tulsa Tough and went on to garner top 10 finishes at both Tour of Utah and Colorado Classic.  To cap things off, Sam won the Bell Lap Competition by Cyclingnews, and placed 2nd overall in the PRT rankings.

Winston Salem Podium. Photo Credit: Ethan Glading Photography

Dana Point Grand Prix:

Dana Point Grand Prix finish. Photo Credit: Danny Munson

A win at Dana Point Grand Prix for Scott Law marked a high point for his season, complementing the numerous podium finishes he had through out the year.

Sea Otter Classic:


Reno, Wisco, Iowa | 2018-2019 CX #2

Regardless of the level at which we race there are any variety of reasons with which we compete. Whether it’s to chase or demons or to run from them, to bask in the type two fun of driving yourself deeper into the rabbit hole of physical output, or to live for the moment of ecstasy when you have indeed surpassed any expectations that were had on your performance. There are fitness goals, levels of status or respect to attain, people to meet and friendships to make. Despite the inclusion of more categories than most race directors can keep track of there are still many fewer folks who stand on the top step regularly than those who can even catch sight of it.

It can sound like a poor way to set up a start line but I’m a realist; in a large pro field my chances of getting on a podium are much less likely than my missing the pedal at the start gun. During race preparation I occasionally I get caught up in a moment and loose track of the larger picture leaving myself to ponder the why. These feels never last long but I feel it is important to acknowledge as well as validating to do so. Besides the endorphins the beauty of racing is the dynamics, once the start gun goes off there is too much stimuli coming in to lend attention elsewhere.

I recognize that I live for the moments mid race when that zen like quality of a quiet brain and unhindered flow take over, your motions become an effortless dance of corners, transitions, and full gas efforts. When you love what you are doing or feel a connection with the crowd, the bike, or the course, or…

Denise Mueller-Korenek Smashes World Record at 183 mph on a KHS Bicycle

Denise Mueller-Korenek has smashed the previous bicycle land speed record of 167 mph by nearly 17 mph. Reaching a maximum speed of 183.93 mph, faster than the top speed of a Lamborghini Countach LP500 S, using just pedal power.

Read the story on pinkbike.com.  Photos courtesy Matt Ben Stone



China | Start of the 2018-2019 CX Season

I’d prefer to open the season with a smaller local race surrounded by my local cyclocross family, get comfortable with my skills, find a grip on my nerves, and have a feel for the flow of a cross course before it becomes paramount that I’m in tune with it. There is something to be said however about diving straight in, at an upper level event, in a foreign country, with a group of riders who you mostly are unfamiliar with to shake the cobwebs out.

The trip to China is a spectacle as much as it is a race destination. It’s definitely less stress inducing to be returning, having experienced the ordeal previously and holding the golden ticket of a ten year visa so as to not have to deal with the effort and cost of acquiring another. The hours of travel is still a plight to contend with, this year made a bit more hefty with venues and host cities far exceeding the realm of previous years locations. Notably each event was in the complete opposite direction from each other and our original flight destination of Beijing. Still, anytime I’m out on the world experiencing new things I’m generally excited, having bikes be a part of it and good friends along makes even the longest travel day tolerable.

The initial 24 hours it took me to get to China was then compiled with a ten hour drive north. Few things weigh on one heavier than facing an impossibly long drive in a bus traveling around a whopping 35 miles an hour. The first race happened without hitch, we checked into our rooms, in my case discovered my roommate was my…

Colorado Classic Preview

The 2018 Colorado Classic is a four day UCI 2.HC stage race in Vail and Denver, CO.  The Colorado Classic is unique in professional cycling as it is held in conjunction with a three day celebration of cycling and music called Velorama, held in Denver, CO from August 17th-19th.

The Colorado Classic, now in its second year, follows in the footsteps of some of America’s biggest cycling events in the history of the sport. Colorado first made a splash on the professional racing calendar with the Red Zinger Bicycle Classic in 1975; this event then grew into the infamous Coors International Bicycle Classic in 1980 running consecutively for 15 seasons. After a 30 year hiatus Colorado again entered the international racing calendar with the launch of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. The USA Pro Challenge grew to be one of the most important events on the North American calendar before coming to an end in 2015. The Colorado Classic now continues the tradition of showcasing the great state of Colorado to the world through top level professional cycling.

Elevate-KHS Professional Cycling will be making their second trip to Colorado for the Colorado Classic and will be bringing a hungry team looking to capitalize on opportunities to take a stage win after a difficult Tour of Utah. Coming off of two top 10 finishes at the Tour of Utah this past week, Sam Bassetti will be looking to move up onto the podium when the fast men have their chance to battle for a bunch sprint.

Bassetti will be joined by James Piccoli and a strong team capable of succeeding in both the mountains and the sprint stages. Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling has been training at altitude for the 2018 Colorado Classic with Nick Torraca,…