Q & A with Kyle Swanson

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Hailing from Texas, Kyle Swanson is a new addition to the Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team for the 2019 season. A talented sprinter, we sat down with him after team camp with a few questions:

Welcome to the team! What was your experience at team camp, and impression of the team and the season ahead?

Thank you, Elevate-KHS was my top target last year and I couldn’t be any happier to be on the team ! I was actually pretty nervous heading into team camp. I didn’t know really know what to expect and didn’t know anybody on the team. That went away very quickly! Everyone was really cool and welcomed me onto the team with open arms.

The 1st few days I struggled a bit, but I felt like I continually got better physically and mentally as each day passed and was able to finish the camp on a strong note.

I think this season will be really special. I’ve been lucky to be on the teams I’ve been on so far but nothing like this one! It almost feels like I was welcomed into the family.

Sunday of team camp you got the opportunity for your first race with the team at the Roger Millikan Criterium. You landed in the winning move with Ulises Castillo, who ultimately won the race. How did the race pan out?

The plan was to attack until the casket drops. The race started and we did just that. Maybe even too much! About 40 minutes into the race Ulises was up the road in the break. I saw teammate Brian McCulloch and he…

Elevate KHS For the Win

Ulises Castillo delivered the First win of the 2019 season with excellent teamwork to put it all together! Wet and chilly at the Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium made for great racing.

The team used the Roger Millikan Crit as part of their team camp this year to put put their new found skill, and teammates, to the test.

All that hard work and effort paid off for them as returning team member, Ulises Castillo, came out with the win by 2 bike lengths. Heck of away to start the season off.

The team now gets a few weeks off before they start on a busy race schedule for 2019. Click HERE to see what is next for them.

Mid season Europe | 2018-2019 CX #10

Up the long hill in Pontchateau


While this season has been uncharacteristically dry for Europe there is an adjustment to picking up and carrying on a very equipment and outdoor intensive activity in a very different location and climate.  Showing up a few day after the winter solstice made sleeping in and recovering from jet lag a much less complex process as the night seemed to be more pervasive than even my sleep requirements.

World Cup racing in France


My plan had been to dive right in to racing but the transition to a new country left me a bit more wide eyed and confused than I had anticipated and rather than risk pairing a weakened mental state with an intense physical race effort to chance an untimely bout of illness, I took a few days to spin out and absorb my surroundings.

Rucphen death spiral


Once I felt as though I had a grasp on it all I jumped in swinging.  Well; mostly. There is a lot of routine to be had on race day within a very limited time frame. While always doable, sometimes the process of just getting to the start line familiar with a course, semi clean and mostly dry can detract heavily from the actual task at hand – being focused and ready to race.  Throw in a large number of unknowns and you have yourself a recipe for either an epic bout of stress, or in my usual style, a nearly comical dose of “whatever happens, happens.”

Otegem: thanks for coming heres an appliance


It’s nice to take…