Tour of Taiwan Preview

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling team will be racing the Tour de Taiwan March 17-21st. This the third time the team has traveled to Taiwan to compete in the UCI 2.1 stage race that is the first stop of the UCI Asia Tour.


Alfredo Rodriguez

Brian McCulloch

Eric Young

George Simpson

James Piccoli

Ulises Castillo

Each stage will be shown live through the Tour de Taiwan YouTube Channel.

Note: Taiwan is 15-hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time, the times below are adjusted to that time zone.

Stage 1: March 17th

Taipei City


Start Time: Saturday March 16th, 6:15PM PST

LIVE link

Stage 2: March 18th

Taoyuan City


Start Time: Sunday March 17th, 6:30PM PST

LIVE link

Stage 3: March 19th

Taiwan Romantic Route


Start Time: Monday March 18th 6:30PM

LIVE link

Stage 4: March 20th

Nantoe County


Start Time: Tuesday March 19th, 6:30PM PST

LIVE link

Stage 5: March 21st

Pingtung County


Start Time: Wednesday March 20th, 6:30PM

LIVE link

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Elevate Camp

Elevate KHS Team training in California

A new year brings a new team. The Elevate KHS pro cycling team spent two weeks training and welcoming new teammates before they start their epic 2019 race season.

Adam Roberge is Prepared for 2019

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Canadian Adam Roberge traveled to Southern California so that he was able to have a solid winter training block ahead of the 2019 season. As a new addition to the Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team, Adam is motivated to make an impact with break through performances and being an integral member of the squad.

You just completed your first team camp with the team – how did it go and what is your impression for the 2019 season and the team?

It was great to meet the team, and it is always a wonderful time getting to know people who share the same passion as you. It went pretty well, I was especially surprised and happy when I realized how close the staff and riders were. It feels like a big family and I’m super excited to improve as a rider and person with all of them.

After camp, you and 3 teammates raced a local event, the Victorville Road Race, where you finished 2nd. How was the course and conditions?

Really hard, it was 12 laps of a 10km circuit. What made the course so challenging was the extreme wind conditions. My Elevate-KHS teammates and I stayed together as long as we could so we were able to work together in an echelon formation to waste the least amount of energy

Teammate Alfredo Rodriguez won the race with you 2nd – how did the race play out?

Alfredo was in a break of 4 guys off the front. I was in the group behind with my to other teammates Ulises and Brian. We worked together to keep the break at seeing distance because we were not happy with only first place – we wanted at least two guys on the podium. At about mid race, Ulises attacked in the most technical section on the course with me on his wheel and we dropped everyone else in the group. Together we bridged up to the break. At this point, we had 3 KHS riders out of a group of 5 in front with 4 laps to go. We attacked one after the other, forcing the 2 other guys to cover and get tired. With 2 laps to go, I attacked on the climb and only Alfredo was able to stay on my wheel. We rode together for the last 2 laps and cross the line with the same time sharing the victory.

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

You have spent quite a bit of time training in Southern California preparing for the season. How has that been going and how is the training compared to Canada right now?

I have been staying in Beaumont for the last month or so, going up and down some amazing roads and enjoying breathtaking scenery in the San Bernardino national forest. On top of that, I stay with the most loving hosts I can possibly have. For us Canadians, we have to travel during the winter to train. Right now it’s impossible to ride the road bike outside with all the snow. When I’m at home I either train inside on the trainer of outside on the fat bike.

This is your first season on the team – what events are you looking forward to the most?

For sure, the Tour of Utah is the biggest race for us during the season so I will be making sure to arrive fully ready. Winston Salem is also a race that I look forward, I really loved the experience of one day races at the GP Quebec & Montreal and I’m excited for the team to defend Sam Bassetti’s title. Other than that, I’m anticipating pretty much all races during the season, preparing and racing at my best so my teammates and I can win the most races we can!

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Q & A with Kyle Swanson

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

Hailing from Texas, Kyle Swanson is a new addition to the Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team for the 2019 season. A talented sprinter, we sat down with him after team camp with a few questions:

Welcome to the team! What was your experience at team camp, and impression of the team and the season ahead?

Thank you, Elevate-KHS was my top target last year and I couldn’t be any happier to be on the team ! I was actually pretty nervous heading into team camp. I didn’t know really know what to expect and didn’t know anybody on the team. That went away very quickly! Everyone was really cool and welcomed me onto the team with open arms.

The 1st few days I struggled a bit, but I felt like I continually got better physically and mentally as each day passed and was able to finish the camp on a strong note.

I think this season will be really special. I’ve been lucky to be on the teams I’ve been on so far but nothing like this one! It almost feels like I was welcomed into the family.

Sunday of team camp you got the opportunity for your first race with the team at the Roger Millikan Criterium. You landed in the winning move with Ulises Castillo, who ultimately won the race. How did the race pan out?

The plan was to attack until the casket drops. The race started and we did just that. Maybe even too much! About 40 minutes into the race Ulises was up the road in the break. I saw teammate Brian McCulloch and he said we didn’t have the numbers we wanted and told me to go. So I launched an attack and was able to make it up to the group without dragging the peloton with me. From then on it was full gas. I thought the sprint was better fit for Ulises so I was constantly telling him take it easy and let me do the hard work. In the final laps the peloton was closing in on us. With 1 lap to go we still had enough of a gap so I went to the front and did an all-out pull to the bottom of the hill with 1 corner to go. Somebody attacked from there and Ulises finished it off!

Photo Credit: Danny Munson

That’s a solid start to the season for you – what were your expectations going into the race?

I set myself some high expectations. My Grandpa and Aunt were there and it was there 1st time to watch me race. I felt like had something to prove not only to myself but my teammates as well. So I was gonna make sure I had something to do with the team victory!

With the season just about to fully get underway, what are you looking forward to the most?

I’m looking most forward to having such awesome support at the races. I got to experience what it was like at the Roger Millikan Criterium and it was great. I remember being at Nationals last year and didn’t have anyone but a friend that drove up with me in the feed zone. I missed my feed and cramped out of the race I had been targeting all year. So I’m super excited to have the awesome support that we have!

Any words of advice for a rider looking to make the jump up in the ranks?

My word of advice would be to listen and absorb what the experienced riders tell you. I was able to learn a lot from the people around me and it made me the racer I am today!

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