Nik Nestoroff Podiums at Sea Otter

Nik Nestoroff headed up to this year’s rendition of the Sea Otter Classic to leave his mark on the Dual Slalom race. Nik gave it his all and was able to put himself on the podium at the end of the day with his third place finish.

Sea Otter’s Crown Event

Sea Otter Classic is always a great event and the crowning event is the Dual Slalom race. everyone and their grandma come out for the finals and it is always an epic race. This years race did not disappoint, and the KHS Factory team had some of their best racing to date. CHEK IT OUT!

Sea Otter Dual Slalom Podium

This years Sea Otter Classic ended with a bang! KHS Factory riders Nik Nestoroff & Steven Walton fought of some of the biggest names in the Mountain bike world, Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar, just to name a few. Nik was able to finish in 2nd place while Steven took 4th over all.

The day started with some fog and the track was a little wet, and the boys were able to qualify in 2nd and 3rd heading into the finals.

In the finals the track dried out and the winds picked up, as well as the dust. Many riders went down in the dry conditions, but Nik and Steven were able to hold out for one of the most epic finishes is Sea Otter Dual Slalom history!

Congratulations to Nik & Steven at this epic race! Sea you next years Sea Otter.

photos by: John Shafer & Cade Hahn