KHS Factory’s Steven Walton takes home the Win

KHS Factory racing’s Steven Walton found himself back on the top step in Fontana at the Southridge winter series as he goes with back to back wins in the series.

“The second round of the 2019 Southridge Winter Series started off less than desirable but quickly improved come race time.” Steven goes on, “Day 1 featured winds and gusts upwards of fifty mph; more than enough to knock you off your bike without notice! With conditions as bad as they were, I opted for a “one and done” practice run to conserve my energy for the harder than usual Fontana sprint. Day 2 had beautiful weather that was great for racing. New race rules for 2019 meant two race runs were in store, putting a large emphasis on consistency. Both of my race runs were smooth and fast, and I was able to pilot my KHS to the top step for the second time in a row in the series so far!”